Specializing in the Repair and Refurbishing of
Fine English, European & American Double Shotguns


All prices are contingent upon the condition of the individual gun. A written quote will be given for each job after the gun is in shop. We accept Visa/ Mastercard, check or money order, as well as payments through PayPal.com.

Sleeving of Double Barreled Guns (12 ga., 16 ga., or 20 ga.) $1900.00 + Blue + Tubes
Sleeving of Double Barreled Guns (all other gauges) $2600.00 + Blue + Tubes
Sleeving Conversion – Down One Gauge $2800.00 + Blue + Tubes
New Ribs, if needed, for Above $500.00+
Strip & Relay Loose Ribs $500.00 + Blue
Remove Dents, Bulges; Lap Barrels $100.00/bbl +
Lengthen Forcing Cones $100.00/bbl
Choke Alterations $100.00/bbl
Chamber Conversion (Down One Gauge) $1,000.00

Please note: Neither bluing nor engraving is included in the above services. See prices below.

We do not do engraving, bluing or browning in-house, but can suggest several outworkers who can handle these tasks.

Re-Engrave Barrels $300.00+
Hand-Polish & Blue Double Barrel $400.00+
Hand-Polish & Brown Damascus Barrel $550.00+
Case Color Harden Action POR
Trigger Work – Per Trigger $150.00 +
New Firing Pin $150.00
New Screws $150.00+Eng
Rejoint Barrels to Action (May be more depending on hingepin style) $500.00+Eng
Strip & Clean Gun $250.00
Stock Bending (One Direction) $250.00
Install Recoil Pad $125.00

Although I do not do woodwork or engraving, I have English-trained individuals to whom I routinely send work.

Final prices will be confirmed after in-house inspection and letter from customer.

Terms: 50% deposit is required before work is begun. Balance + S/H is due upon completion of the job. We accept checks or money orders.

Barrel DeVise™

Safely Secures
Fine Double
Gun Barrels for
Effective Cleaning
and Inspection

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New from Kirk’s Shop!!

Gun Education and
Gunsmithing Courses

We are pleased to be able to offer the following classes:

  • What to Look for When Buying a Second-hand Gun

    Includes a primer on inspecting guns

    Length of course: 1 Day

  • How to Strip & Clean Your Gun

    Includes a primer on inspecting both the external and internal workings of your gun

    Length of course: 1 to 2 Days

Other classes are available. Please call Kirk with your requests.

Terms: $1,000.00/day – Maximum 2 students at a time