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hpMerringtonMerrington Barrel DeVise

Oak: $198*
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Safely Secures Fine Double Gun Barrels for Effective Cleaning and Inspection

Accommodates all SxS and O/U gun barrels with under-barrel lumps

Finally. There’s an elegant, practical – and safe – means of securing the barrels of your treasured side-by-side or over/under shotgun for thorough cleaning.

The Merrington DeVise is especially created for fine double guns, and is the only product of its kind. For the avid sportsman or clay target competitor, it is the perfect accoutrement – featuring a host of practical and aesthetic advantages:

  • No more awkward, unsteady – and dangerous – need to hold barrels in hand, and over your lap for cleaning.
  • No need to compromise on a low-quality “universal” fixture that was never really meant for the job.
  • No more danger in dropping barrels or risking accidental damage.
  • Barrels can now be dismounted and cleaned separately. This prevents powder residue, aggressive solvents and other debris from damaging your stock or entering the action… where they bind, foul – and wear – your gun’s closely-fit moving parts.
  • Barrels are safely secured as a unit for the most effective and vigorous cleaning procedure… tight-fitting patches or bronze brushes can now be used with complete confidence.
  • Barrel surfaces are protected by harness leather rest pads and lined harness leather hold-down straps.
  • Hold-down straps are perfectly adjustable with commercial grade Velcro fastening.
  • All pads and straps securely mounted with custom, solid brass trim plates.
  • The Merrington DeVise easily accommodates all SxS and O/U gun barrels with common under-barrel lump design… plus ALL barrel lengths over 24 inches.

Victorian Gunroom Elegance with Uncompromised Quality

The Merrington DeVise is made to classic standards of craftsmanship, and finished to complement the finest gunroom. It is, quite literally, a superb piece of furniture that you will be proud to own, use and display:

  • Choose solid oak or walnut construction – both with professional joining, tastefully routed edges and classic matte wood finish.
  • Leather pads and straps are heavy, handcrafted natural harness leather, professionally stitched and finished to last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Hardware trim is solid brass; eminently durable and perfectly in character with the finest English trunk cases.
  • Clamping bar is solid steel, and clamping arm cast iron for decades of stalwart performance.
  • Each Merrington DeVise is individually made in the USA by specialised craftsmen. Therefore, custom features can be ordered at extra cost, quoted separately.

In sum, The Merrington Barrel DeVise is not only beautiful to behold, but a landmark improvement in the way great double shotguns can be safely cleaned and cared for. Nothing else even comes close.